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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Classic Guide To Talmud Reissued After 45 Years
The Students' Guide Through The Talmud
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The Jewish Press reports:
Classic Guide To Talmud Reissued After 45 Years Guidebook For Students, Scholars And Novices Now Available To A New Generation

The Students' Guide Through The Talmud by noted Talmudic scholar Rabbi Zevi Hirsch Chajes (Maharatz Chayes), translated by the late Chief Rabbi of Northern Ireland, Jacob Shachter, has been released by Yashar Books. The classic work outlines the history of the Talmud and formulates the nature, extent and authority of Jewish scholarly tradition. Rabbi Elazar Hurvitz, Professor of Biblical and Talmudic Literature at Yeshiva University, said, "During my experience of over 40 years teaching, I found that this book gave my students a broad understanding of the total spectrum about the development of early rabbinic literature in Halacha and Aggadah."

The Guide includes surprisingly contemporary analyzes of many statements of the Talmud and explains their methodology and rationale. The translator has added extensive footnotes so that even a novice will be able to follow. The Students' Guide Through The Talmud gives new insight into the inner workings of the Talmud and, as Rabbi Shalom Carmy, Assistant Professor of Bible and Jewish Philosophy at Yeshiva University, said, "continues to speak to the 21st Century student."

Yashar Books is a new publisher of Orthodox Jewish books for today's readers and thinkers, dedicated to providing open access to the world of classical and contemporary Jewish ideas.

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