My Yeshiva College: 75 Years of Memories

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Edited by Zev Nagel and Menachem Butler

What happens when sixty-four former students, teachers and friends get together to reminisce about their Yeshiva College days? — Founded in 1928 as the first college of liberal arts and sciences in America under Jewish auspices, Yeshiva College has served, for over seventy-five years, as the central address for Torah u-Madda—the combination of Jewish and secular learning—in the United States and around the world. With only a first graduating class of less than twenty, Yeshiva College today boasts close to eight hundred students, all enrolled in the undergraduate dual program. From within its hallowed walls on Yeshiva University’s Washington Heights campus, Yeshiva College continues to educate and fashion some of the most significant and renown leaders of today and tomorrow.

My Yeshiva College: 75 Years of Memories celebrates the past seventy-years of Yeshiva College, written from the perspective of former students and faculty members—many of whom still teach at and are involved with Yeshiva today. The volume follows the course of the College’s history, beginning with the nascent years under founder and first president Rabbi Dr. Bernard Revel, into the years of rapid growth under Rabbi Dr. Samuel Belkin, and into the last two and half decades of leadership under Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm.

The memories shared highlight the panoptic fabric of Yeshiva’s intellectual tapestry—roshei yeshiva and professors, the beit midrash and the academy, the combined ethos of the Yeshiva and the College. In their depictions, each contributor explores what Yeshiva meant to them then and now. In doing so though, the writers featured in this volume collectively highlight the essence of the Yeshiva College education, and the continued pursuit of the Torah u-Madda ethos, illustrated by a will to succeed in the communal and professional world and the desire to cultivate lives of profound meaning. Their portrayals of life at Yeshiva remarkably convey the commonalities inherent among those who have studied here, while affirming the distinctive individuality of each experience. Drawing on various events, personalities, and memories, My Yeshiva College presents a vibrant portrait of the many that have lived, taught, and learned at Yeshiva College.

This book of vivid, personal memories reveals the influential role Yeshiva College has played in the educating generations of American Jews, and the intellectual, social, and religious challenges it continues to face.

Inside the Book

List of Authors

Introduction by Richard M. Joel
Afterword by Jonathan D. Sarna

Zalman Alpert
Abraham Avrech
Steven Bayme
Shalom Z. Berger
Moshe J. Bernstein
Ruth A. Bevan
Jack Bieler
Yitzchak Blau
Menachem Bloch
Jay Braverman
Steve Brizel
Michael J. Broyde
Shalom Carmy
Donald S. Davis
Michael Eisenberg
Hillel Furstenberg
Stephen Gelbart
David Gleicher
Irving Greenberg
Lawrence Grossman
Joan G. Haahr
Leonard Hammer
Nathaniel Helfgot
Jerry Hochbaum
Jonathan Hodes
Morris Kalka
Nathan Kamenetsky
Robert Kantowitz
Benjamin Kelsen
Aryeh (Robert) Klapper
Earl Klein
Barry J. Konovitch
Eugene Korn
Henry Kressel
Norman Lamm
Will Lee
B. Barry Levy
Aharon Lichtenstein
Joseph Lipner
Moses Mescheloff
Yehudah Mirsky
Elazar Muskin
Joshua L. Muss
Israel Poleyeff
Jacob Rabinowitz
Emanuel Rackman
Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff
Stanley Raskas
Aaron I. Reichel
Shlomo Riskin
Reuben Rudman
Sheldon Rudoff
Marvin Schick
Alvin Schiff
Larry Schulman
Charles Sheer
Abraham D. Sofaer
Fred Sommers
Gil Student
Robert N. Taub
Chaim I. Waxman
Howard Wettstein
Leon Wildes
Efraim Zuroff


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About the Editors

MENACHEM BUTLER (his blog), a senior at Yeshiva College and president of the Student Organization of Yeshiva, served as “YUdaica” editor of The Commentator during its 2004-2005 run.

ZEV NAGEL (Google him), YC ’05, served as Editor-in-Chief of The Commentator Vol. LXIX from 2004-2005, during which Yeshiva College’s seventy-fifth anniversary was celebrated.

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