Moral Issues of the Marketplace in Jewish Law
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By Aaron Levine

By use of the case study method, this book presents and analyzes moral dilemmas of the marketplace from the perspective of American law, secular business ethics, and Jewish law. The types of moral dilemmas with which are dealt are those that one encounters in everyday life in the roles of market participant and citizen. Economic analysis and public policy considerations are a feature of this work.

Through Dr. Levine’s interdisciplinary approach, this book shows that secular scholarship and economic analysis open up vistas, nuances, and subtleties for cases discussed in ancient and modern Jewish law sources.

The moral dilemmas in this work are organized topically. The topics include: professional ethics; fair competition; marketing ethics; labor relations; privacy issues; public policy; and ethical issues in the protection of property.

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Table of Contents


1. Professional Ethics
  • False Good Will
  • Truth Telling In Labor And Crisis Negotiation
2. Fair Competition
  • Goldfarb’s Fifteen Year Turf War
  • Employee Agreements Not To Compete
  • Leverage Is The Thing
3. Marketing And Salesmanship
  • Girard’s Law Of 250-The Case For Moral Education
  • Ethical Dilemmas In The Telemarketing Industry
4. Labor Relations
  • The Mean Boss
5. Privacy Issues
  • Privacy Issues At The I.M. Frier Greeting Card Company
6. Public Policy Issues
  • Regulation Of Advertising
  • Whistleblowing
7. Protection Of Property
  • I’ll Teach Them A Lesson
  • Premises Liability


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About the Author:

Aaron Levine (Google him) is the Samson and Halina Bitensky Professor of Economics and Chairman of the department at Yeshiva University. Elected to Phi Beta Kappa at Brooklyn College, he was awarded his M. A. and Ph.D. by New York University. He was ordained in Jewish ritual and civil law at the Rabbi Jacob Joseph School.

A noted authority on Jewish commercial law, Professor Levine's research specialty is the interface between economics and Halakhah, especially as it relates to public policy and modern business practices. He has published widely on these issues, including four books and numerous monographs. His books include Free Enterprise and Jewish Law (1980); Economics and Jewish Law (1987); Economic Public Policy and Jewish Law (1993); and Case Studies in Jewish Business Ethics (2000). These volumes were published jointly by Ktav publishing House Inc. and Yeshiva University Press as part of the Library of Jewish Law and Ethics, edited by Dr. Norman Lamm.

Dr. Levine is a member of the World Jewish Academy of Science and the recipient of the Irving M. Bunim Prize for Jewish Scholarship. In 1982, he was respondent to Milton Friedman in the Liberty Fund symposium on the Morality of the Market.

Rabbi Dr. Levine is very active in the area of conflict resolution, serving as rabbinical judge and arbitrator in the judicial body of the Rabbinical Council of America.

Asociate editor of Tradition, a member of the advisory council for the International Center For Jewish Business Ethics and a nominee for the World Jewish Academy of Science, Dr. Levine is widely consulted by the Jewish community in matters pertaining to economic policy and ethical issues.

From 1967-1973, Rabbi Levine was editor and contributor to Kol Yaakov, a publication in the Hebrew language of novella in Talmudic law, published by the Rabbi Jacob Joseph Rabbinical Seminary.

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