Medicine and Jewish Law volume III
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Edited by Fred Rosner and Robert Schulman

How do the ethics derived from the Jewish legal tradition respond to the ethical issues raised by the miracle of modern medicine? The Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists have convened a number of conferences in which leading medical and religious scholars address these questions. Medicine and Jewish Law volume III contains papers presented at one of these conferences. This volume contains articles on infertility, genetics, end of life issues, and other miscellaneous topics written by such leading scholars as Rabbi J. David Bleich, Dr. Fred Rosner, Dr. Abraham S. Abraham, Dr. Mordechai Halperin, and many others.

Inside the Book


Impact of Medical History on Medical Halachah (PDF) by Edward Reichman, M.D.

Table of Contents

Symposium on Infertility
Emotional Issues of Orthodox Jewish Couples Experiencing Infertility
Infertility and Halachah

Halachic Dilemmas of the Process of IVF

Post-Mortem Sperm Retrieval

Symposium on Genetics
Genetic Screening
Genetic Engineering and Cloning

End of Life Issues

Legal and Halachic Ramifications of Brain Death

Conceptual Issues in the Definition of Death: A Guide for Public Policy
Living Donor Organ Transplants
Xenotransplantation: Scientific Aspects

Pig Organ Transplants into Humans: A Jewish View

Miscellaneous Issues
Impact of Medical History on Medical Halachah

Gifts to Physicians from Drug Companies
Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding: New Halachic Considerations

Sara Barris, Psy.D.

Abraham S. Abraham, M.D.
Richard V. Grazi, M.D.
Mordechai Halperin, M.D.

Rabbi J. David Bleich
Abraham S. Abraham, M.D.

Prof. Steven H. Resnicoff
Daniel Wikler, Ph.D.

Rabbi Tzvi Flaum
Jacob Fleischman, M.D.
Fred Rosner, M.D.

Edward Reichman, M.D.
Fred Rosner, M.D.
Mordechai Halperin, M.D.

About the Editors:

Dr. Fred Rosner is a teaching attending physician at Mount Sinai Services in Elmhurst Hospital Center, Elmhurst, NY. He is also a Professor of Medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. He is an internationally recognized expert in the field of Jewish bioethics. A prolific writer, he has published 36 books and over 800 articles.

Dr. Robert H. Schulman is an attending physician at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. He also holds a faculty position at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. For many years, Dr. Schulman has been Chairman of the Planning Committee for the International Conference on Modern Medicine and Jewish Law, which is the basis of this book. Dr. Schulman maintains a private practice in Endocrinology and Internal Medicine in Brooklyn, NY.

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