June 6, 2005

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Yashar Books Newsroom -- http://www.yasharbooks.com/news.html -- New information center serves the media, scholars, researchers and students.

"The Internet has changed society in previously unimaginable ways," said Yashar Books' president, Rabbi Gil Student at the recent national convention of the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA). "It has affected the way people learn, the way people ask questions, the way they find out about news, the way they communicate with each other, even the way they make friends."

Student pointed out that people with questions about Judaism are less likely to call a rabbi today. "They go right to the Web. This creates a responsibility for Jewish scholars to provide accurate information, and to make it easily accessible."

In order to better serve journalists and others looking for fast, reliable answers to questions of Jewish thought, Yashar Books has added a Jewish learning portal to its website. It consists of three integrated components with links to news and both contemporary and classical sources of Jewish scholarship.

The Yashar Books Newsroom -- http://www.yasharbooks.com/news.html -- offers headline news about Yashar Books, a news archive, contact information and artwork, including book covers and photos of authors. For questions not answered on the site, the Newsroom provides a "Yashar Answers" service to personally handle questions on Jewish thought.

The Newsroom links directly to Yashar's Reading Room page--a virtual Jewish library and study hall, and the Open Access Project--an online collection of free articles, essays and books with an open discussion forum.

The launching of the Newsroom followed Yashar's decision to outsource the distribution of its books to Lambda Publishers, which has allowed Student and his associates to focus on their core mission: developing and disseminating Jewish scholarship.

Yashar Books is a new publisher of Orthodox Jewish books for contemporary readers and thinkers, dedicated to providing open access to the world of classical and contemporary Jewish ideas.

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