February 28, 2005

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"As a new small publisher," says Gil Student, president of Yashar Books, "we see our mission as disseminators of ideas. In that spirit, we have decided to supplement--and circumvent--conventional marketing methods to give open access to Torah scholarship in new, exciting ways."

At the Open Access Project page: readers can download free articles, essays, dissertations and, eventually, entire books online. They can also join a discussion forum and post their own reviews and critiques. The concept is to make quality source material available in a collaborative virtual study hall and stimulate a give and take of ideas.

The Open Access Project is modeled on the community involvement in the Open Source software movement, which mobilized thousands of users of Mozilla Organization's Firefox Internet browser to spread the word. Yashar's Open Access calls on scholars, readers and thinkers everywhere to join as "Idea Ambassadors" and spread the word about The Open Access Project to friends and colleagues.

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