January 13, 2005

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Three books which are the focus of a major religious controversy will now be distributed by Yashar Books.

The books, which have been both acclaimed and condemned, include "Mysterious Creatures" and "The Camel, the Hare, & the Hyrax, " by Rabbi Nosson Slifkin. Rabbi Slifkin, known popularly as "the Zoo Rabbi," is a Torah scholar and amateur zoologist who has sought to synthesize both disciplines in his writing. The controversy developed over passages in his books, including one that accepts dating the world as billions of years old, a view rejected by traditional Orthodox Judaism. According to accepted Orthodox belief, the world is 5765 years old, the Hebrew calendar beginning from Creation.

While the issues are being debated throughout the community, Rabbi Slifkin and his previous publishers have reached a mutual agreement to transfer distribution of the books to Yashar Books in New York.

Yashar Books is a new publisher of Orthodox Jewish books for contemporary readers and thinkers, dedicated to providing open access to the world of classical and contemporary Jewish ideas.

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