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Dear friends,

Shalom U-vrakhah! From time to time, we will be sending you special bulletins on breaking news and issues. We feel this story is too urgent to wait until next issue of the regular newsletter.

Thank you,

Gil Student
President, Yashar Books

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We are finally ready to launch an online free Torah resource center and discussion forum called "The Open Access Project."

At the Open Access Project page you can download free articles, essays, dissertations and (soon) entire books online. But thatís not all. You can also post your own reviews and critiques and join discussions. You can even submit your own papers for consideration. The idea is to make quality source material available in an Open Access virtual Bet Midrash and stimulate a give and take of ideas. It is an experimental project in collaborative scholarship.

The Open Access Project is still growing. You might say it's in "Beta" format. Join now and help it grow and spread. Read, learn, respond. And tell your friends to join too!

For an exciting adventure in free online Jewish scholarship, go now: "The Open Access Project." Your interactive Journal offering "Open Source Learn-Ware": free articles, essays and books, and an open discussion forum to add your own ideas.

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