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Thursday, November 22, 2007
New Book: Flipping Out? Myth or Fact: The Impact of the "Year in Israel"
“Flipping Out? Myth or Fact: The Impact of the ‘Year in Israel’” by Shalom Z. Berger, Daniel Jacobson and Chaim I. Waxman takes a hard look at a phenomenon that has become a major source of both inspiration and consternation in the Jewish community.

Just a generation ago, taking off a year after high school to learn Torah in Israel was uncommon if not rare. Somehow, while parents were focused on their children’s university and careers, a new “tradition” took root in Modern Orthodox high schools that would change their children’s future: a year of Torah study in Israel. The tradition has had a deep effect on the students and their families. With growing alarm, many parents see the Israel/Torah experience as threatening to their aspirations and their lifestyles.

“Flipping Out?” dares to ask some tough questions... and unflinchingly deals with the sometimes shocking answers. Is the year of learning merely an institutionalized lark or is it a real life change? Does it inspire spiritual growth... or a dangerous religious radicalization? The answers, both encouraging and eye-opening, are vital to students and their families and educators.

Noted educator Rabbi Shalom Berger, psychologist Rabbi Daniel Jacobson and sociologist Dr. Chaim Waxman combine their unique perspectives to provide a three-dimensional look at a movement that--depending on whom you believe--promises a golden age.... or threatens to tear apart the Jewish community.

The book was published in conjunction with Yeshiva University’s S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program and includes an introduction by Richard M. Joel, President of Yeshiva University.

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