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Friday, June 30, 2006
New Book: The Legacy of Maimonides

New from Yashar Books:

The Legacy of Maimonides: Religion, Reason and Community

edited by Yamin Levy and Shalom Carmy

Rabbi Moses Maimonides (1135-1204), known as Rambam, is widely known as a profound philosopher and authoritative legal scholar. However, Rambam’s contributions are not merely remnants of medieval scholarship but a vibrant legacy that gives compelling guidance in modern man’s spiritual search. In The Legacy of Maimonides, leading scholars present surveys of Rambam’s thinking and his impact on Judaism, and apply Rambam’s approach to various issues of critical contemporary importance. Community, tradition, self-perfection, Bible interpretation, messiah and dogma are among the timely subjects covered in this important work.

Table of Contents

Some Reflections on the Historical Image of Maimonides: An Essay on
   His Unique Place in History

Maimonides on the Love of God

Interpreting Maimonides

The Sovereignty of Dogma: Rambam and/or the Mishnah

Some Ironic Consequences of Maimonides’ Rationalist Approach
   to the Messianic Age

Maimonides: A Man for All Ages

Israel, the Noahide Laws and Maimonides: Jewish-Gentile Legal Relations
   in Maimonidean Thought

Four Parables about Peshat as Parable

Maimonides on Creating an Inclusive Community

Rambam’s Continued Impact on Underlying Issues in Tanakh Study

Parent-Child Relationships and Ta’amei ha-Mizvot in Rambam

Rambam: A Man of Letters

Oral Law as Institution in Maimonides

Worship, Corporeality, and Human Perfection: A Reading of Guide of the
, III:51-54

Isadore Twersky

Norman Lamm

Arthur Hyman

Shalom Carmy

David Berger

Norman Frimer

Dov Frimer

Roslyn Weiss

Yamin Levy

Hayyim Angel

Elimelekh Polinsky

Moshe Sokolow

Gerald Blidstein

David Shatz

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