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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Open Access Poster Contest


Your ideas for the first Open Access Project Poster Contest!

Help get others involved in the Open Access Learn-Ware Project. Enter our poster contest. Create a poster that could go up on a library, computer room, student center or dorm room wall.

See the sample poster (here - PDF) for the information to include. (Stick to the same text, or come up with something better!) Remember to keep it respectable (this is a Torah project!) but the more catchy and fun the better. Yes, that seems to be contradictory, but paradoxes are something Torah scholars learn to live with.

1. Create your poster in a downloadable standard letter size (8.5"x11"), but sharp enough to blow up.
2. Do NOT use any copyrighted text or graphics or photos of people in your poster. (You and we don't need tzuris.)
3. Use any program you like to create the poster, but please send only Acrobat PDF files. Don't have Adobe Acrobat? Create AdobeĀ® PDF Online ( from Adobe lets you make PDFs over the Web. First five PDFs are free!
4. Send your finished design to
5. Decision of judges (that's us) is final.
6. Winner will receive a gift certificate for a free book from Yashar Books, PLUS, winner will receive a seat of honor on the "Eastern Wall" in the virtual Open Access Beit Midrash (See The Open Access "Eastern Wall Roll of Honor" will feature Open Access Ambassadors who have done the most for spreading the word about Open Access. See your name in lights!

UPDATE: The deadline for submissions to the contest is Rosh Hodesh Nissan, April 10 2005.

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